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  • (1000) 300cc oxygen absorbers for long term food storage
  • (100) 300cc oxygen absorbers for long term food preservation
  • (50) 300cc oxygen absorbers for food preservation
  • (25) 300cc oxygen absorbers for long term food storage
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300cc Oxygen Absorbers

Usually ships in 24 hours

    300cc Oxygen Absorbers


    • 300cc Oxygen Absorbers Packets (1.5" x 2.5")

    • Oxygen Indicators in each OAP package 

    • Long-Term Food Storage Guide included 

    Product Information:

    • OXYGEN ABSORBER PACKS (OAP): High-capacity oxygen absorbers can absorb 180% - 300% of their rating to have a substantial buffer of safety and to allow handling time. Unused packs can be placed into a mason jar or re-sealed to reduce exposure and waste when not being used. 

    • EXTENDED SHELF LIFE: Oxygen Absorbers are 10x more effective than vacuum sealing at removing the oxygen. OAPs reduce oxygen levels to below .01%, effectively removing all oxygen. Vacuum sealing reduces oxygen levels to about 0.1%. By removing the oxygen from sealed foods, you can increase the shelf life for up to 25 years or more. Perfect for use with mylar bags, vacuum bags, and mason jars. 

    • STORE FOOD & NON-FOOD ITEMS: When heat sealing foods and non-food items, use oxygen absorbers to remove oxygen from sealed vacuum bags. Perfect for preserving foods like rice, pasta, beans, oatmeal, coffee, jerky, food, nuts, dried meats, and flour for years. Protect vintage items, collectibles, ammo, pharmaceuticals & vitamins, and other items from oxygen damage and deterioration. 

    • GUARANTEED FRESH: Each package of oxygen absorbers will include one oxygen indicator. This will be pink if the package is sealed correctly. The color of the indicator may vary from bright pink to a reddish hue when the package is sealed, indicating that there is no oxygen in the package and the absorbers are good. Once the package is opened and exposed, the indicator will turn blue. 


    PackFreshUSA® specializes in food packaging.

    We are an American company with a strong national ethic, and we use suppliers and partners that have been leaders in the California packaging industry for decades. We make, assemble, and ship products here in Southern California with dozens of employees. We also send along our Long-Term Food Storage Guide to help you through the process and personal help is only a call or email away. PackFreshUSA® unconditionally guarantees your happiness with our products and will help you see how easy it is to package your own retail product or store your own emergency food.


    PackFreshUSA® Oxygen Absorbers are rated by the FDA as "GRAS" (Generally Recognized As Safe).
    They are safe for direct food contact and all of the materials used in their manufacture are non-toxic. Learn more about oxygen absorbers HERE


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    1. Great product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 2nd 2019

      We have been very pleased with this product. Highly recommend this for use with long term freeze dried food storage.

    2. Yes! They work!!  star rating

      Posted by Missy Hinegardner on Feb 13th 2018

      We use OAPs for our dehydrated nuts/seeds. They keep them fresh and crunchy. We soak/dehydrate in the winter so we can go out and have fun in the spring/summer/fall. All of our nuts/seeds stay fresh and healthy for many months as we rotate through them. They are also a great insurance policy for fresh items should we get hit with a winter storm--we are prepared if store deliveries are interrupted etc. PackFresh has very helpful information regarding use etc. Worth your investment!

    3. very reliable  star rating

      Posted by Maria Keown on Jan 11th 2017

      this is the second batch of scavengers I've been using, and so far no fails. Great product, great price, well packaged and fast shipping. Very happy with it

    4. Great and Easy to use  star rating

      Posted by James Howell on Apr 6th 2016

      These worked great for dried canning. It made the job so easy that now I have a nice little stash of beans, rice, instant potatoes, noodles and powdered milk. In a few hours all of my Mason Jars were sealed

    Previous | Showing reviews 11-14 of 14

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