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5-Gallon 5.5 Mil Heavy Duty Seal-Top Mylar Bags and Individually Sealed Oxygen Absorbers

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    • 5-Gallon 5.5 Mil (Per side) Heavy Duty Seal-Top Mylar Food Storage Bags (20” x 30”)
    • 2000cc Individually Sealed Oxygen Absorbers 
    • 500cc Oxygen Absorbers in 10-packs 
    • Oxygen Indicators in each OAP package 
    • Long-Term Food Storage Guide included

    *BE AWARE: ALL Mylar bags MUST be heat-sealed for food storage. A seal-top is only for resealing food after you open it.

    Product Information:

    • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Our bags have rounded corners to protect your other stored items from puncture or damage. The strong Mylar film has a burst strength of over 140 psi, equivalent to the weight of 5 cinder blocks per square inch. These bags are strong, durable, and easily sealed with a vacuum-sealer, iron, or hair-straightening iron.

    • DURABLE LONG-TERM STORAGE: 5.5 Mil mylar bags provide a substantial increase in puncture protection, improved durability, and greatly increase long-term oxygen and moisture resistance. Superior oxygen barrier provides over 100 years of protection. 

    • RESEALABLE: These bags have a Seal-Top feature similar to sandwich bags. Seal-Top Mylar bags allow for opening/closing after tearing the heat seal portion to keep product fresh. For the longest term storage, heat seal above the zip seal. 

    • LOW OXYGEN TRANSMISSION RATE: Mylar bag films provide three layers of protection and offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) due to its thick foil laminate layer. This safeguards your food against the elements for long-term preservation.

    • OXYGEN ABSORBER PACKS (OAP): High-capacity oxygen absorbers can absorb 180% - 300% of their rating to have a substantial buffer of safety and to allow handling time. Unused packs can be placed into a mason jar or re-sealed to reduce exposure and waste when not being used.

    • INDIVIDUALLY-SEALED : Individually sealed oxygen absorbers allow you to open one at a time, reducing exposure, waste and the need to reseal those you are not using.

    • GUARANTEED FRESH: Each package of oxygen absorbers will include one oxygen indicator. This will be pink if the package is sealed correctly. The color of the indicator may vary from bright pink to a reddish hue when the package is sealed, indicating that there is no oxygen in the package and the absorbers are good. Once the package is opened and exposed, the indicator will turn blue. 

    PackFreshUSA® specializes in food packaging.

    We are an American company with a strong national ethic, and we use suppliers and partners that have been leaders in the California packaging industry for decades. We make, assemble, and ship products here in Southern California with dozens of employees. We also send along our Long-Term Food Storage Guide to help you through the process and personal help is only a call or email away. PackFreshUSA® unconditionally guarantees your happiness with our products and will help you see how easy it is to package your own retail product or store your own emergency food.

    All our Mylar bags are free of bpa, bps, Phthalates and other toxins. Read more about it HERE

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    1. Excellent Product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 28th 2021

      These bags make it easy to store food. With the zip lock feature you can get most of the air out of the bag before heat sealing. The absorbers are sealed individually so you do not have to worry about rushing when using this product. The customer service is also great. I called about a product being out of stock and they added it to the website the same day.

    2. Great bags, wish they were rounded for buckets instead of square  star rating

      Posted by First Time User on Oct 6th 2020

      So these bags are nice, and thick. (I got the HD zippered for 5 gal buckets) They seal really well with a flat iron hair straightener. (Mine gets from 250-325 degrees) I wish the bags were made rounded instead of square to perfectly fit a 5 gallon bucket. Because they are square and the zip is rigid they crinkle up at the bottom and you don't maximize the space. Maybe this is more of an issue because I got the zippered bags? Be aware that you must leave room at the top of the bag for the seal and that will take up room in the bucket, along with the lid so you will only be able to fill the bags and bucket to around 80% full to leave room to make the seal, pack the seal in the bucket, and then have room for the lid. Also, take note that when you get the zippered bags the zips are sealed up and you actually fill the bag from the bottom so don't make a mistake and open it from the top zip! I'm sure someone has done this. Lastly, the package comes with 6 x 2000 oxygen absorbers and 6 x 500 oxygen absorbers. The 2000 are packed individually so you can open one at a time and not expose all of them to oxygen. However, the 500 bags are sealed all together so you'll have to use all the 500 bags at once (within minutes of opening it) so just be prepared for that. Having said that, I just bought more bags.

    3. Impressive  star rating

      Posted by Robert L Lowder on Nov 13th 2018

      Great product, heavy or substantial material, good size as it will hold more than you think it will and if fully loaded could be heavy to lift. Very pleased with the bag.

    4. Great price  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 11th 2018

      Received these bags quickly. Great product, great price.

    5. Extremely pleased with this purchase  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 15th 2018

      When you are putting food up for long term storage, why skimp on the storage solution? These bags are thicker than others I’ve looked at and to me, the ziplock feature is also a must for large bags. I chose the goods from PackFreshUSA because I’ve have opened prepackaged commercial food and found their o2 absorbers in them.

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