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  • (10) Quart Seal Top Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers
  • Quart Seal Top Mylar Bags with 300cc Oxygen Absorbers
  • PackFreshUSA Quart Seal Top Mylar bags with 300cc oxygen absorbers
  • PackFreshUSA Quart Seal Top Mylar Bags with Oxygen Absorbers
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Quart 3.5 Mil Seal Top Mylar® Bags With Oxygen Absorbers

Usually ships in 24 hours

    One Quart 3.5 Mil Seal Top Mylar® Bags with 300cc Oxygen Absorbers PackFreshUSA LTFS Guide

    • New “Bottom-Filling” bags are tamper evident and easier to seal!
    • Other brands require you to seal in a very narrow area next to the seal top
    • Our same Top-Rated FDA approved Mylar® Bags with added seal top
    • Easily seals with a FoodSaver, iron, or hair-straightening iron
    • *BE AWARE: ALL Mylar bags MUST be heat-sealed for food storage. A seal top closure is only for resealing food after you open it.
    • Rounded corners protect your other stored items from puncture or damage.


    Why use a Seal Top?

    You will appreciate the convenience when it comes time to open it! ALL Mylar bags MUST be heat-sealed for long-term food storage, but Seal Top bags are a handy way to reseal your food when it comes time to open it.

    Why is the reseal closure on the bottom?

    This is the way commercial product packaging is made. First, you don’t want to have to heat-seal in a narrow area next to the re-seal closure. Second, the result is much cleaner and easier to open and reseal.


    “If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, or other disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for days or even weeks” - FEMA

    Although 4 out of 5 Americans live in counties that have been declared federal disaster areas, 53 percent do not have a 3-day supply of nonperishable food at home.

    It doesn’t have to be this way...

    You do not have to purchase expensive emergency food! Sealing food using Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers (Sold separately) protects it from mold, bugs, and oxidation for over 25 years.

    Things to consider:

    Buy from a reputable manufacturer. Importers who buy “mylar bags” off of Alibaba often don’t realize those bags are PET, which is not Mylar as claimed. They are thick and cheap, taking advantage of the common feeling that thicker must be better. It is the quality of metalization that keeps oxygen out, not PET.

    Only store food that does not need refrigeration. Buy the best oxygen barrier and use a plastic bucket or container for extra physical protection. Use extra absorption to lengthen storage time. Unused oxygen absorbers may be stored in a mason jar or vacuum sealed. All Mylar bags must be heat-sealed, which is easily done with a household iron or hair-straightening iron.

    PackFreshUSA specializes in food packaging

    Our partners and suppliers are local and ALL have been leaders in the California packaging industry for decades. We send along a long-term food storage guide to help you through the process and personal help is only a call or email away. PackFreshUSA unconditionally guarantees your happiness with our products and will help you see how easy it is to store your own emergency food.

     MYLAR® is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films

    Write your own product review

    1. See through bags  star rating

      Posted by Bryan Bevil on Sep 27th 2021

      My bags arrived with a note explaining why I will see holes in the foil on these bags (WHAT?) Upon inspection the bags are very transparent. I can clearly see a light source through one layer and can faintly see it through the flat bag which is 2 layers. It is my understanding that long term storage bags should be light proof as well as provide protection against the outside environment (oxygen and moisture). I sent their 5 star service team a message questioning this on Thursday morning early... it's Monday and I have had no response. I'm going with 1 star service and products.

    2. Great Product - Will order again  star rating

      Posted by Raymond Thibault on Jun 28th 2021

      Great product for a great price and free shipping -- can't beat it.
      I've been using 5-gal, 1-gal, and these quart size -- all great.

    3. 2 Thumbs UP  star rating

      Posted by JeffN on Aug 30th 2020

      Excellent product. Love the Zip lock reseal.
      I've ordered three times so far.
      Excellent information on the website regarding long term food storage.
      The only negative is that it took 8 days before the item shipped, even though it was listed as in-stock. then add delivery to that. Tooooo LONG!

    4. PackFreshUSA really is the best... and I've searched!  star rating

      Posted by Rebecca on Oct 17th 2018

      This is my second order with PackFreshUSA. I was very pleased with both orders. Both were shipped to me extremely fast and I was pleased with the quality. I'm even happier with this recent product because it comes with a zip lock feature so that when I need to open it I can keep my food fresher much longer. Perhaps one of the best reasons I buy from PackFreshUSA is that they put their oxygen absorbers in several packs of 10. That way I don't have to worry about the rest of the packs I don't need at the moment losing their oxygen absorbing power. They also come with an indicator that lets you know that oxygen is being absorbed which is very useful! All in all I feel happy giving this review 100% 5 stars and both thumbs up! I'll be coming back and referring others!

    5. Best Mylar bags  star rating

      Posted by KATHYRIA GALARZA on Sep 17th 2018

      I use it for diferent thing

    6. Ziploc at bottom is an excellent idea  star rating

      Posted by [email protected] on Aug 21st 2018

      I have just receive the ziploc bags and absorbent. They were shipped fast and arrived very good.
      I specially like the ziploc at the bottom so that it would not get damaged when sealing the bag. Great idea!!!

    7. Great quality  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 21st 2018

      These bags are very nice. Shipping was fast too. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to others.

    8. Just Perfect!  star rating

      Posted by KATGAL on May 26th 2018

      They are the perfect size for what I need!

    9. GREAT PRODUCT AT A GREAT PRICE!  star rating

      Posted by Jason Perttunen on Apr 16th 2018


      There was some kind of glitch with my order..Somehow they lost it or misplaced it. However once we got everything worked out they Shipped It Out Right Away!!

    10. GREAT PRODUCT AT A GREAT PRICE!  star rating

      Posted by Jason Perttunen on Apr 16th 2018




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