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  • Quart 5 mil Seal-Top Mylar Bags with 300cc oxygen absorbers
  • Quart 5 mil Seal-Top Mylar bags
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Quart 5 Mil Premium Seal-Top Century Mylar® and Oxygen Absorbers Sets

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    Quart 5 Mil Premium Seal-Top Century Mylar® Bags with 300cc Oxygen Absorbers in 10-packs


    • 5 Mil Premium Seal-Top Century Mylar® Quart Bags (8” x 12”)
    • 300cc Oxygen Absorbers in 10-Packs
    • Oxygen Indicators in each package
    • Long-Term Food Storage Guide included


    PackFreshUSA's Mylar Bags

    Our 5 Mil Mylar bags offer over 75 years of protection (when used with our oxygen absorbers).  The Mylar film supports 2 1/2 cinder blocks over each square inch!
    Rounded corners protect your other stored items from puncture or damage.

    Why use a Seal Top?

    You will appreciate the convenience when it comes time to open it! ALL Mylar bags MUST be heat-sealed for long-term food storage, but Seal Top bags are a handy way to reseal your food when it comes time to open it.

    Why is the Seal Top on the bottom?

    This is the way commercial product packaging is made. First, you don’t want to have to heat-seal in a narrow area next to the reseal top. Second, the result is much cleaner and easier to open and reseal.

    The PackFreshUSA Promise

    We guarantee that you will receive your order through rain, sleet, or gloom of night and you will be completely confident in the security of food stored with our products or we will give you a complete refund – always! 


    MYLAR® is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films

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    1. We buy ALL of our Mylar bags from PackFresh!  star rating

      Posted by Liz Johnson on Jan 25th 2022

      We purchased a Freeze Dryer a couple months ago and had a heck of a time finding information on what type and where to buy Mylar bags. The small amount of bags that came with the Freeze Dryer were nice, but seemed thicker than necessary and I couldn't stand the printing all over them. I researched different blogs and youtube videos, but really couldn't find great information on what type bags would be best. We are also sick of supporting Amazon and others like them and wanted to buy directly from a US company! I did a search on Amazon, looking for bags with good reviews. That's how I found PackFresh, I also noticed a few people on Facebook FD groups recommend them. I went directly to their website and couldn't believe the wealth of information they offer, you’ll get even more when the bags are delivered! This is the only place we buy Mylar bags and OA’s, the shipping is FAST, the prices are competitive and the quality is excellent GO USA! Oh and customer service is fantastic, wish they sold Freeze Dryers too so there'd be good CS for that as well!

      Freeze drying is costly, the unit is a huge investment and then the cost of the food, having to spend even more on packaging, we wanted to get it right. I wasn't sure what size we'd use most so I ordered a bunch of quart size, gallon & pint, all with oxygen absorbers, along with extra OA's for use in canning jars (something we have by the hundreds). We seem to use more quart size than anything, but love both the gallon and pint size as well. While we could put up a lot of things in canning jars, it's much easier to store mylar bags of food than glass jars. I have since ordered more quart size bags, since we do use those the most. Oh and all of the bags we've purchased are 5mm, perfect thickness for everything we've put up so far. We don't feel any thicker of a bag would be to our advantage.

      So with all that being said, what do we freeze dry and store? Well we have a small family farm, we raise all of our own meat, most of our own vegetables and eggs and buy very little premade things other than dairy. We own an Estate Sale company so travel quite a bit, over the last couple years with how crazy things are in the world, we found we prefer to take ALL of the food we'll eat on our trips. We travel for one to up to about 7 days at the most, we sleep in our camper van or small motorhome. I'd been taking home canned goods, but am really excited for our next trip - we've freeze dried what we call "ready meals", stews, soups, main dishes, etc. So all we have to do is fill a tote with a variety of our home FD foods and stop at gas stations along the way for hot water or pull over to boil some. We also freeze dried chopped hard boiled eggs to make egg salad for trips. We have a LOT of eggs, we always water glass a couple of 5 gallon buckets of eggs every year starting in the spring, in anticipation of winter when our hens slow down laying. Now I'll never have to deal with that mess again, we've always given our pigs the leftovers the next spring, but this time I was able to freeze dry 10 dozen, raw, scrambled eggs per batch that is now sitting in gallon & quart bags. Some for just in case and the rest for camping trips in the summer.

      Our family farm is multi-generational, from babies to us old farts, it’s interesting to think that our grandsons may be packing many of these bags of food for future camping trips! I hope they’re never needed for emergencies, but if so, we’re getting prepared. We’ve canned for decades, but it is SO MUCH EASIER to freeze dry and nice to know it will last so much longer. I even freeze dried some of our canned soups we were tired of that were getting older, so now I don't have to worry about losing all that hard work and food!

    2. Best Mylar product hands down  star rating

      Posted by Kim Giglio on Nov 30th 2021

      I have a home freeze dryer and only trust the best to store my food for long term use. These bags are strong and seal perfectly. No worry of pin holes or light ruining my food. I won't use another brand! These are really the best!

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