About Us

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to supply your preservation and packaging needs – You are in great company! PackFreshUSA oxygen absorbers are used by many of America’s great businesses and well-respected retailers that care about barrier protection for their branded products.

We are proud to be a part of the Southern California packaging community, partnering with other manufacturers and suppliers who have been leaders in this industry for decades.

Our keys to success in creating brand loyalty have been:

  1. Competitive pricing by avoiding warehousing and multiple shipping journeys.
  2. Understanding the customer's need for quality, convenience, and confidence in our products
  3. Providing our “5 Star Service” for support and education regarding the use and the science of oxygen-free packaging
  4. Fast, priority shipping
  5. Constant and Never-ending Improvement of our products and service
  6. Our unconditional guarantee that our buyers will be happy they chose our brands

Why Choose PackFreshUSA?

We believe it is vital that our buyers feel 100% confident in the security of their food storage and we back that up with an unconditional guarantee. We also know that this process is new to a lot of you so we provide our “5 Star Service” for support and education regarding the use and the science of oxygen-free packaging, please Email us 5starservice@packfreshusa.com.

Why Choose Oxygen Absorbers From PackFreshUSA?

Oxygen Absorbers from PackFreshUSA have been sold in the U.S. since 1992. They have been the top choice of many American businesses for food preservation and packaging for their reliability and other benefits such as:

  • Absorb 180-300% of their rating as a safety buffer
  • 10-Packs reduce exposure, waste and resealing
  • Long-term Food Storage Guide included
  • Oxygen indicators included to insure freshness
  • Unconditional Guarantee
  • Certified Organic by The Idaho State Department of Agriculture

Our Mylar bag sets feature Oxygen Absorbers in convenient 10-Packs. 10-Packs allow you to open fewer at a time, reducing exposure, waste and the need to reseal those you are not using. They will absorb 180 to 300% of their rating in order to have a substantial buffer of safety and to allow handling time and each package contains an oxygen indicator that guarantees freshness.

Our Mylar bag sets also include extra absorption for food types that may require it. Some food types have a lot of embedded air or interstitial air (air between particles) such as pasta, cereal, and potato flakes. Even flour, which looks dense, can contain 50% interstitial air. We include our Long-Term Food Storage Guide with every purchase containing a chart to help you know how many absorbers you should be using for your project. You are always welcome to send us your questions as well!