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PackFreshUSA's Mylar Box Set includes everything you need to get started with long term food storage!


Mylar Bags (7 Mils PER side):

  • (30) Pint 7 Mil Heavy Duty Mylar Bags (6” x 8")
  • (40) Quart 7 Mil Heavy Duty Mylar Bags (8” x 12”)
  • (30) Gallon 7 Mil Heavy Duty Mylar Bags (10” x 14”)

Oxygen Absorbers:

  • (30) 100cc Oxygen Absorbers in 10-packs
  • (40) 300cc Oxygen Absorbers in 10-packs
  • (30) 500cc Oxygen Absorbers in 10-packs
  • Oxygen Indicators in each 10-packs of oxygen absorbers
  • (100) Adhesive labels for product labeling
  • PackFreshUSA Long-Term Food Storage Guide


Things to keep in mind:

Only store food that does not need refrigeration. Use a plastic container for extra physical protection and store in a cool, dark place off the ground. Use extra absorption to lengthen storage time. Unused absorbers may be stored in a mason jar or vacuum sealed. All Mylar bags must be heat-sealed, (even zip locks) which is easily done with an iron or hair-straightening iron.

PackFreshUSA specializes in food packaging

Our partners and suppliers are local, and ALL have been leaders in the California packaging industry for decades. We send along a long-term food storage guide to help you through the process and personal help is only a call or email away. PackFreshUSA’s unconditionally guarantees your happiness and will help you see how easy it is to store your own emergency food. This set is all you need!