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Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers are labeled as "1000cc" but perform like 900cc oxygen absorbers.

Being the most trusted brand in packaging and preservation requires us to have very high standards! Every batch of PackFreshUSA oxygen absorbers undergoes testing to ensure our standards are met.

A manufacturing error resulted in these sachets being underfilled with active ingredients. Sure, they did absorb over 1000ccs of oxygen, but they did not meet our safety buffer standard. The safety buffer is important to us because we want our products to absorb their full rating even if they have been exposed for an hour.

If these will still work for your project, you can enjoy a steep clearance discount!


Package Quantity: 20
Case Quantity: 400
Packages per Case: 20

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Easy Oxygen Absorbers Guide

These sizes will work for ALL food types*:

50cc for a ½ pint
100cc for a pint
300cc for a quart
500cc for a gallon
2500cc for a 5 gallon

*Container must be full
(All of our Mylar sets now include these amounts)

The PackFreshUSA Promise

We guarantee that you will receive your order through rain, sleet, or gloom of night and you will be completely confident in the security of food stored with our products or we will give you a complete refund – always!