5 Mil Stand Up Pouch Sample Kit

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Stand-Up Pouches

Looking for flexible packaging but you aren't sure what size or type of bag to use? Our Sample set will give you one of each style of our best selling stand up pouches in each size. Plus it ships to you for FREE!


  • 7 x 5 Mil Stand-Up Pouches
    • 1 x Silver/Clear XLarge (7.5x11.5x3.5”, Inside: 6.5x9x2.5”)
    • 1 x Kraft Large (6x9.5x3.5”, Inside: 5x7x2.5”)
    • 1 x Silver Metalized Medium (5x8.5x3”, Inside: 4x6x2")
    • 1 x Black/Clear Small (4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”)
    • 1 x White/Clear Small (4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”)
    • 1 x Gold/Clear Small (4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”)
    • 1 x Clear Small (4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”)
  • “Packaging Your Product”: A guide to professional packaging


PackFreshUSA Stand-Up Pouches 

SUP packaging technology has taken over store shelves due to their undeniably superior qualities: 

1. Stand up like a box due to a bottom gusset, or hang via a hang hole 
2. Outstanding barrier properties for long-term food storage 
3. Ability to hermetically heat-seal allows oxygen absorbers to be used for ultimate protection 
4. Easy labeling 
5. Product visibility or opaque options 
6. Manual filling and sealing or machinable 
7. Much lower cost vs other packaging methods 
8. Pouches are shipped flat, minimizing costs of freight and warehousing. 
9. Local production means orders from 100 to 1,000,000 are quickly filled 
10. FDA approved for food packaging 
11. Made with American manufacturing standards 

Stand-Up Pouch Specs 

Clear film provides product visibility and excellent gas/moisture protection. Metalized film provides extreme gas, moisture and light protection. 

Includes hang hole, seal top, and tear notches. Seal with impulse sealer. Interior area is triangular. Dimensions below: (width x height x depth) 

SMALL- 4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”, 5.5 oz* Use with 50cc OAP (Oxygen Absorber Packet) 
MEDIUM- 5x8.5x3”, Inside: 4x6x2”, 21 oz* Use with 100cc OAP 
LARGE- 6x9.5x3.5”, Inside: 5x7x2.5”, 32 oz* Use with 2 x 100cc OAPs 
X-LARGE- 7.5x11.5x3.5”, Inside: 6.5x9x2.5”, 68 oz* Use with 300cc OAP 

* Oz. of water the pouch will hold and still be able to seal. Your product's weight will differ.  

Business Customers

For wholesale inquiries of our products or to view wholesale products you can buy online, please click here. We typically work with wholesale customers who are seeking a minimum 1,000 pieces. If you are interested in custom packaging solutions for your business, please click here.

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