8" 2mm Seal - Impulse Hand Sealer

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Heat Sealers

8" 2mm Seal - Impulse Hand Sealer

Max Seal Length: 8 inches
Max Seal Thickness: 6 mil
Seal width: 2mm
Watts: 350 W

Heat Seal These Materials:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyvinylchloride
  • Polyproplyne
  • Pliofilm
  • Kel-F
  • Polyflex
  • Mylar
  • P.V.A.
  • Tivac
  • Saran
  • Nylon
  • and all other heat sealable materials

PackFreshUSA is an Authorized Distributor for American International Electric Inc.

AIE manufactures quality Impulse Hand Sealers. They are the #1 selling sealers in the United States with over a million in use. All of the sealers that are manufactured are pre-tested in their west coast facility and provide a warranty that guarantees dependability and durability. 

Perfect for a multitude of packaging applications.

Excellent air &  watertight seals on plastic materials.