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Deck the Halls: A Guide to Preserving Christmas Decorations with Desiccants

Posted by Marvin C on Dec 7th 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and as we unearth our festive decorations from storage, it's essential to ensure that they remain as vibrant and full of Christmas magic as the day we first packed … read more

Ammunition Long-Term Storage Tips: Lets Keep Your Shots Straight

Posted by Ola Griffin on Nov 8th 2023

 Guns, Ammo, and MoistureOn The Battlefield and At HomeThroughout the Vietnam War, numerous soldiers encountered problems with the M16 Rifle, particularly experiencing a high frequency of misfire … read more

Using Oxygen Absorbers For Jerky & Snacks

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Apr 10th 2019

This article is from Meat + Poultry, "Packet Protection for Meat Snacks"  by Keith Loria Although they might not command attention, the little packets inside jerky packages are vital … read more

How To Store Jerky: Short Term & Long Term

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Jan 9th 2018

There is nothing like making homemade jerky. We love all types of jerky around here and a significant percentage of our customers are using our products with their jerky. However, finding mold on … read more

Oxygen Absorbers vs. Desiccants

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Aug 8th 2017

We have received a handful of questions regarding oxygen absorbers and desiccants. We understand there could be a slight confusion between the two but the most important thing to remember is: … read more