Vacuum Sealer Bag Sample Kit

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Vacuum Sealer Bags


  • (3) Pint Vacuum Sealer Bag- 6" x 12"
  • (3) Quart Vacuum Sealer Bag - 8" x 12"
  • (3) Gallon Vacuum Sealer Bag- 10" x 14"

Key Features

  • MADE IN THE USA: We made quality our priority. In doing so, we made our bags 25% thicker for increased protection from punctures, tears, and burst. We increased the length of our bags to allow for plenty of sealing room.
  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFE: Our premium vacuum sealer bags are BPA-free and are made of food grade non-toxic materials.
  • GREAT FOR MARINADES: Add a quick and amazing boost to your chicken, beef, or fish when you vacuum seal your foods with marinades and seasoning. An excellent choice for sous vide cooking. No need to worry about difficult zip-top bags while also ensuring you get as much air out of the bag to prevent the bag from floating when cooking.
  • KEEPS FOOD FRESHER, LONGER: Reduced air exposure allows for extended food preservation and protection from regular and cold storage. Vacuum sealing prevents air and moisture from direct contact with food and protects from dehydration and freezer burn. Freezer burn ruins the taste and texture of the food. Perfect for seasonal items, vegetables and dairy products.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME AND COMMERCIAL USE: Works with most vacuum sealer machines.

Buck the trend and enjoy American-made quality and product standards! 

PackFreshUSA Vacuum Sealer Bags are textured channel bags like the more costly name brands, except thicker for better protection and longer for plenty of sealing room.  We made quality our priority and we are proud to get a LOT of repeat business on these! Try them and you'll love them too!

For universal use with home and commercial vacuum machines, including:

Magic Vac™
Rival Seal-a-Meal™
Black & Decker
Kenmore™ Pro-2100 and 2300
Sears-Fast Vac-Mini-2010
...and many more 

Business Customers

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