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Food-Safe Desiccants

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Case Quantity: 1000
Packaged in 50 packs

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  • Food-safe, non-toxic, natural and Environmentally-friendly
  • More absorbing capability than silica gel
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to use, safer to handle
  • Wide usage includes food, clothing, military instruments and armaments, electronics, medical and much more… 

PackFreshUSA’s Food-safe natural clay Desiccants preserve and protect more effectively and more naturally.

Moisture can cause damage to stored products both directly and by supporting growth of mold and other organisms. A desiccant buffers the moisture level and helps preserve many things like food products, clothes, firearms, electronics, and anything else that could become damaged.

Traditional silica gel is not appropriate for all situations as it is acid-processed and chemically synthesized.

PackFreshUSA’s Food-safe Desiccants are natural, composed of bentonite. They are non-toxic, acid-free, environmentally-friendly and their effectiveness is revolutionary. Bentonite is categorized by the FDA as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe).

PackFreshUSA’s Food-safe Desiccants outperform the absorbing capability of silica gel for storage times over 20 hours. Moisture is absorbed through a one-way, dust-free Tyvek bag, protecting from moisture damage, mold, insects, and other organisms.

In addition to superior performance, you can feel secure knowing you are preserving with a safe, environmentally-friendly desiccant.

Requirement Chart

Container Size

Gallons Cubic Ft. Cubic In. Grams of Desiccants
1.1 0.14 237 5
2.1 0.28 476 10
3.2 0.42 714 15
6.2 0.82 1,428 30
12.5 1.67 2,856 45
18.7 2.5 4,284 60
25 3.33 5,712 90
37.4 5 8,568 135
50 6.66 11,424 180