5 Mil Black/Grey with Clear Front Stand Up Pouches

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Stand-Up Pouches


The clear film in these black/grey stand-up pouches is crafted with Nylon material, offering an even stronger barrier for enhanced protection of your stored items.

PackFreshUSA Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-Up Pouch packaging technology has taken over store shelves due to their undeniably superior qualities:

  • Stand up like a box due to a bottom gusset
  • Outstanding barrier properties for long-term food storage
  • Ability to hermetically heat-seal allows oxygen absorbers to be used for ultimate protection
  • Easy printing or labeling
  • Product visibility or opaque options
  • Manual filling and sealing or machinable
  • Much lower cost vs other packaging methods
  • Pouches are shipped flat, minimizing costs of freight and warehousing
  • Local production means orders from 100 to 1,000,000 are quickly filled
  • FDA approved for food packaging
  • Made with American manufacturing standards

Stand-Up Pouch Specifications

Clear film provides product visibility and excellent gas/moisture protection. Metalized film provides extreme gas, moisture, and light protection. 

Includes seal top, and tear notches. Seal with impulse sealer. Interior area is triangular. Dimensions below: (width x height x depth) 

SMALL- 4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”, 5.5 oz* Use with 50cc OAP (Oxygen Absorber Packet) 
MEDIUM- 5x8.5x3”, Inside: 4x6x2”, 21 oz* Use with 100cc OAP 
LARGE- 6x9.5x3.5”, Inside: 5x7x2.5”, 32 oz* Use with 2 x 100cc OAPs 
X-LARGE- 7.5x11.5x3.5”, Inside: 6.5x9x2.5”, 68 oz* Use with 300cc OAP 

* Oz. of water the pouch will hold and still be able to seal. Your product's weight will differ.

Not sure what size or type of stand up pouch to use? Purchase a Stand Up Pouch Sample Kit

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