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Crafting Your DIY Emergency Toilet

Posted by Ola Griffin on May 16th 2024

Emergency Toilet Blog In 2020, there was a toilet paper shortage frenzy! That was just four years ago. Did you have enough toilet paper stocked up, or did you end up rushing to the store along wi … read more

When Storms Arise: Preparing for Hurricane Season

Posted by Ola Griffin on May 7th 2024

Be Prepared: Facing the Storms Ahead Preparedness is not only about being prepared physically, but also mentally. It’s better to have a plan and put it into action, rather than to just re-act. Hav … read more

Preparedness and Our Pets

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Apr 11th 2017

Many of us consider our pets part of the family, therefore preparing an emergency kit or food storage supply for our pets is just as important as prepping for the rest of the family. Storing … read more