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Can Unmasking - Part 2: Don’t Be a Flake

Posted by Ola Griffin on Mar 1st 2024

Welcome to the second installment of our Can Unmasking series, where we delve into the exploration of food storage cans which belong to my friend Cindy and have been stored for over … read more

Nutshell Wisdom: A Guide to Long-Term Nut Storage

Posted by Ola Griffin on Feb 24th 2024

Mastering the Art of Nut Storage for Long-Term Freshnesss Benefits of Nuts Nuts aren't just convenient snacks; they're packed with health benefits. They're rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, m … read more

Can Unmasking - Part 1: Cocoa Heaven

Posted by Ola Griffin on Feb 16th 2024

Recently, I stumbled upon a stash of older #10 cans at my friend Cindy's place. For those unfamiliar with long-term food storage, think of these cans as akin to large coffee cans. Curious, I asked abo … read more

Seal & Savor: A Guide to Preparing and Freezing Meals for Busy Lives With Vacuum Seal Bags

Posted by Ola Griffin on Dec 22nd 2023

My mother recently experienced a fall, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her back safely in her home. As I assist her during this time and provide care until she is ready to be independent ag … read more

Ammunition Long-Term Storage Tips: Lets Keep Your Shots Straight

Posted by Ola Griffin on Nov 8th 2023

 Guns, Ammo, and MoistureOn The Battlefield and At HomeThroughout the Vietnam War, numerous soldiers encountered problems with the M16 Rifle, particularly experiencing a high frequency of misfire … read more

Adventures in Food Dehydrating

Posted by Ola Griffin on Oct 31st 2023

Dehydrating is a straightforward method for preserving food that can keep it fresh for years to come.Dehydrating is a passion of mine, there are many delicious reasons to add a dehydrator to your must … read more