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Can Unmasking - Part 1: Cocoa Heaven

Posted by Ola Griffin on Feb 16th 2024

Recently, I stumbled upon a stash of older #10 cans at my friend Cindy's place. For those unfamiliar with long-term food storage, think of these cans as akin to large coffee cans. Curious, I asked abo … read more

Pasta Prep: How Much to Store?

Posted by Ola Griffin on Jan 12th 2024

I have started a video series to help get people better prepared. It is a step-by-step instruction on how to get long-term food stored for “1 Person for 1 Year”. Whether you are new to food storage or … read more

Food Preservation - Long Term Food Storage For Your Pets

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Apr 28th 2018

Please do not forget about your 4-legged, 2-legged, fur, scaly, or feathered friends. We believe everyone will agree when we say our pets are part of our family and ju … read more

Emergency Preparedness: Water

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Jan 25th 2018

The Survival Rules of 3: To survive an emergency you must not go; 3 Minutes Without Air 3 Hours Without Shelter 3 Days Without Water These are the 3 needs for survival … read more

Using Mason Jars for Long Term Food Storage

Posted by PackFreshUSA on May 18th 2017

Dry canning is a favorite way to store dry food for long term. It’s a simple method but first thing first, you need to plan! What food will you be storing? When creating a long-term … read more