Gallon 5 Mil Heavy Duty Seal-Top Mylar Bags (1000pcs) - Wholesale

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Gallon 5 Mil Heavy Duty Seal-Top Mylar Bags - Wholesale


Outside Dimensions:10” x 14" 
Case Quantity: 1000 

Packages Per Case: 50 
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Product Information:

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Our bags have rounded corners to protect your other stored items from puncture or damage. The strong Mylar film has a burst strength of 70 psi, equivalent to the weight of 2 1/2 cinder blocks per square inch. These bags are strong, durable, and easily seal with a vacuum-sealer, iron, or hair-straightening iron. 

  • SEAL-TOP/TAMPER PROOF: New "Bottom-Filling" bags are tamper evident and easier to seal. Other brands require you to seal in a narrow area next to the seal top. This makes for an easy heat-seal, and the result is cleaner and much easier to open and reseal. You will appreciate the convenience when it comes time to open. Easily seal with vacuum-sealer, iron, or a hair-straightening iron. 
  • DURABLE LONG-TERM STORAGE: 5 Mil mylar bags provide a substantial increase in puncture protection, improved durability, and greatly increase long-term oxygen and moisture resistance. Superior oxygen barrier provides over 100 years of protection. 

  • LOW OXYGEN TRANSMISSION RATE: Mylar bag films provide three layers of protection and offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) due to its thick foil laminate layer. This safeguards your food against the elements for long-term preservation.


PackFreshUSA® specializes in food packaging.

We are an American company with a strong national ethic, and we use suppliers and partners that have been leaders in the California packaging industry for decades. We make, assemble, and ship products here in Southern California with dozens of employees. We also send along our Long-Term Food Storage Guide to help you through the process and personal help is only a call or email away. PackFreshUSA® unconditionally guarantees your happiness with our products and will help you see how easy it is to package your own retail product or store your own emergency food.


All our Mylar bags are free of bpa, bps, Phthalates and other toxins. Read more about it HERE

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