​Are ALL Mylar bags safe?

​Are ALL Mylar bags safe?

Posted by Ola Griffin on Dec 7th 2022

Not all Mylar bags are created equal. It is important to know that your food is stored safely for the long-term, but it is just as important to know that it is stored in quality food-safe Mylar bags. PackFreshUSA has been a leading manufacturer of long-term food storage and flexible packaging for over a decade. Providing food-security for customers is one of the company’s main goals.

In the last few years, other brands of Mylar bags have been popping up online claiming they are 7 mil, but they are only 3.5 mil thick per side. Imagine putting your freeze-dried goods in these? Not ideal for sharper foods. Some listings advertise “9 mil” (or greater) but in reality the Mylar bags are only 4.5 mil thick per side. These deceptive listings are counting the full thickness of the bag, not the Mylar sheet thickness, which is an inaccurate representation. Buyer beware, deception is clear.

The thickness of PackFreshUSA’s Mylar bags are rated accurately, “5 mil” means 5 mil thick per side, “7 mil” means 7 mil per side, and so forth. If you find Mylar bags advertising  9 mil, 12 mil, or even 14 mil, know that you are not getting what you think you are getting. These are cheap bags trying to be quality bags. 7 mil thickness is usually the thickest Mylar commercial business (freeze dried companies) use because nothing thicker is needed.

With these questionable practices you should also question other important aspects about Mylar bags:

Did you know Mylar was created by Dupont (now DuPont-Teijan) and has been around since the late 1950s?

PackFreshUSA guarantees you will receive genuine Mylar bags, which are FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved for direct food contact. There is no need to worry about unwanted plastics, metals, or harmful chemicals contaminating your food storage.

You can feel safe knowing your Mylar bags are free of BPA (Bis-phenol A), Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates), and other toxins. Not only that but those chemicals are not used in the production or building block of any of the materials used in PackFreshUSA’s manufacturing.

Mylar is a transparent inner layer with a metalized outer layer, its chemical compound is MoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthaltate) and is approved for direct food contact. It is stretchy polyester film that has a high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, it is transparent, reflective, and has gas (oxygen) and aroma barrier properties.

The metalized layer will not touch your food, but it is there to help with oxygen transmission protection. With PackFreshUSA products, Phthalates are not a concern. Phthalates is a class of chemicals that include three subsets, each with different properties. Ortho-phthalate is the phthalate subset most referenced and discussed in popular literature and on internet sites; it has been the subject of some negative press. This is often used to make various plastics more flexible; this type of phthalate is also called a plasticizer. PackFreshUSA’s Mylar bags do not contain plasticizers or ortho-phthalates since they are not safe for direct food contact. Plasticizers are never substituted for terephthalates used in manufacturing, nor are the two ever mixed.

PET or polyethylene terephthalate belongs to one of these phthalate subsets, but it IS safe for direct contact with food. 

PackFreshUSA’s Mylar bags are not only strong, but flexible, foldable, and ideal for your long-term food storage needs. You can be sure that your food is safe not just for today or tomorrow, but for decades.