Meals in Mylar: "Break The Fast"

Meals in Mylar: "Break The Fast"

Posted by Ola Griffin on Jun 16th 2023

What did the pioneers eat for breakfast?

Well, usually they ate what was leftovers from the night before. There was no refrigeration and eating what they had was the best way to not waste food. Often, eggs or just bread or biscuits were what they would eat to get the day started. Oatmeal was also a standard breakfast meal, which makes me think of old English movies. Gruel which is a runny or watery version of porridge. Porridge is often oats, flour, rice, or wheat that was boiled in water or milk. That is not my idea of a breakfast in a grid down situation, so I am packing up a lot of different food to ensure I have a variety of tasty morning meals to get my day started off right.

Thinking of different breakfast ideas for Meals in Mylar, old traditional breakfast verses more modern day, they both have wonderful, tasty ideas. Our modern breakfast would include eggs, waffles or pancakes, also known as flapjack back in the day, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, pop-tarts, muffins, donuts, bagels toast. Most of these are carb filled foods. Some are ladened with sugars, but ultimately, they give us the energy to start our day.

In Asian cultures they often eat rice as part of a breakfast meal. Rice is also one of the top food items to store for long-term, so having ideas in place to be able to make breakfast meals using rice would be wise.

We need to think outside the box when it comes to prepping. I just love a tasty breakfast, and quick and easy is best.

Having a variety of foods prepped and freeze-dried for breakfast is a must for me.

Making Meals in Mylar: Breakfast Recipes

Having a variety of foods prepped and freeze-dried for breakfast is a must for me.

Freeze drying a variety of items like eggs, mushrooms, bell peppers, ham, sausage, cheese, onions, tomato with chili, and other items to make egg scrambles in Mylar bags is super easy. These are basically a dump and go recipe. The hard part is deciding how many eggs to add into the scramble. A two-egg scramble is more of a one-person meal and so forth. This recipe below is easy to just double, triple, or quadruple. Here is the video of making the Egg Scramble. It is a quick, easy, and delicious recipe to save. I’ll be making a variety of these from 2 eggs, 4 eggs, and 6 eggs. I am a person who loves breakfast for dinner, and thanks to my chickens, I have a lot of eggs and vegetables from my garden so I’ll be freeze-drying A LOT of Egg Scramble ingredients and storing them in Mylar bags.

Egg Scramble In A Mylar Bag


Single serving

  • 4 Tbsp. Raw FD egg (2 eggs)
  • 1/8 cup FD bell peppers
  • 1/8 cup FD Rotel (tomato and chili)
  • 1/8 cup FD mushrooms broken into small pieces.
  • ¼ tsp. garlic powder**
  • ¼ tsp. onion powder**
  • S&P to taste

Combine all ingredients. Place in Pint size Mylar.


Add 1/3 to 1/2 cup hot water. Cook in a hot pan or skillet. Scramble as you go. I used a small amount of butter that was melted in the hot pan.

Additionally add in:

FD cheese (1 oz), onion (sauteed and then FD), FD peppers like jalapenos, FD ham, and so much more.

*Raw eggs must be cooked before you consume them. Treat surface area and utensils as you would with raw proteins. No cross contamination.

**I seasoned my eggs before scrambling and then freeze-drying

Not only is this a quick and easy recipe but you can double, triple, or easily quadruple this recipe and store long-term. 

Scrambled Eggs and Rice


  • 2 cups of day-old rice
  • 2 eggs scrambled*
  • A little bit of oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste.


Add oil or butter to a heated pan. Add day old rice and stir to slightly fry the rice. Scramble the eggs and add to the rice. You can also add cut up ham or spam to make it even tastier. Add salt and pepper to taste as you stir in the egg to incorporate it well.

This is so tasty, and simple to make. I add ham, but you can add lots of other items including salsa, peppers and so much more.

Reconstituting: The eggs & rice by adding ½ cup hot water. Add more water a few tablespoons at a time if needed.

*If using FD eggs 1 egg is 2 tablespoons FD egg & 2 tablespoons water.

This is a wonderful breakfast that is very typical in Hawaii. Super easy and rice gives you energy to get your day started off right. The carbs will fill you up and the egg will give you the protein you need to fuel the start of your day.  

Forms for Breakfast Bars and Treats

Using forms to make breakfast treats was not only fun, but it got my creativity working. We go off-roading often and having these easy grab-n-go breakfast make my life a little easier. Many of our off-roading friends look forward to the freeze-dried treats that I bring to share.

I used forms that were for granola bars and mini muffins. There are many other forms found online that are more designed for freeze-dryers, but I found these work fine. I just do not fill to the top and use a spatula to push some of the food items down to make them more even. If you wish to spend the money on the more expensive forms feel free, but these worked fine for me.

Break the Fast Goodies

These goodies you can simply enjoy as-is or you can reconstitute them into their original consistency. I chose to use these forms since they create perfect size treats which will stack nicely in my Gusset Mylar in either the Pint or the Quart bags. Shop - Mylar Gusset Combination Sets - PackFreshUSA.These bags are ideal for backpackers, off-roaders, campers or hikers and everyday sports’ parents. Quick and easy snacks are a win for any parent on the go. You can customize these for your personal tastes and food allergy needs.

Oatmeal Blueberry Dairy-free Bars


  • 2 C Quick Oats
  • 1 8 oz blueberries – pulsed.
  • 1 C. oat milk, add more as needed.
  • 1 – 2 Tablespoons Monk fruit (sugar substitute)


In a bowl add the ingredients and mix well. Add more oat milk if needed. Push into forms and place in the freezer. Once frozen, usually at least 2 hours take out of the molds and place onto freeze-dryer trays and keep in the freezer until ready to place into your machine. These usually take about 18-22 hours depending on the machine.

Once complete add these to your Mylar bags. I like the Pint Gusset Seal Top for my break the fast treats. These are also great snacks or even a dessert.

Other fruit ideas: Apples, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, bananas with or without a little cocoa mixed in. Pineapple, coconut mixture


I added 3 bars to a bowl and added about ¾ cup boiling water. I mixed it up and realized I added too much liquid, so I added another bar, and it worked out perfectly. It was super easy to reconstitute, or you can just eat it as it is. I would add more sugar or monk fruit to this and a little dash of vanilla. You can change the fruit to a lot of different fruits, peaches, strawberries, and even maple and brown sugar.

Click here to view video on reconstituting.

Berries and Yogurt Bars

These Berries and Yogurt bars are super easy to make. Just take your favorite fruit and chop it up or pulse it in blender. Add your favorite yogurt and mix well. Some Greek yogurt gets flaky so try your preferred yogurt first and if it is flaky once freeze-dried then change yogurts on the next go around. I use plain yogurt for these, vanilla flavored and it works well. I also will slice fruit and place it in the bottom of the forms and add yogurt to the top. I don’t make these too thick; I keep them on the thinner side. See second picture, but the forms are only half full and the yogurt fruit bars are not higher than the side of the Harvest Right trays.

Other options: I also use less sugar yogurt for diabetic or lower carb breakfast treats. Still add the fruit, but not too much.

Other usage: These would also make great snacks or even a dessert.

Storing long-term: Store in a Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber for long-term storage. I would store these in the Pint size flat or the Pint Gusset 7 mil Mylar and add a 100cc oxygen absorber.

Storing short-term: If you are just wanting to make great snacks for yourself or your family. These can be added to lunches, taken on the go. Great for backpacking, hiking, off-roading, and watching your kids play sports. You can add them in Mason or Stand-up Pouches. Always use proper storage for freeze-dried treats. If eating in the next week or so you can use sandwich zip bags, but don’t store them in those very long.

Cereal, Fruit, and Milk Bars

These are some of the easiest treats to make using these forms. Put fruit in the bottom of the forms (sliced or diced) and cereal on top. Simply pour milk or chocolate milk over the top of the cereal. I used a spatula and pushed the cereal into the milk to help get it absorbed. If cereal floats, then pour just a little and put the forms in the freezer. Once the milk has frozen a bit you can add more milk to cover the top of the cereal with milk.

I have done quite a few of these, my favorite is Life, Cheerios, and Rice Krispies. Using different fruit means making lots of varieties and they all tasted amazing.

I used 2% milk as well as 1% chocolate milk. By far the chocolate milk was so good over these. Again, do not make these too thick. I had done some just on the trays without forms and they were delicious but when I cut them, they broke apart and became a bit of a mess. I ended up ordering these forms off Amazon. The purple ones are granola bar forms and the larger bars in the bottom picture above were made in the red forms and those are mini bread forms. I only filled them up halfway. 

Just Milk and Cereal

I also made just milk and cereal bars. These work best if you just add the milk a little, not to cover the cereal but to just seal it in. These are really as good as they look.

Click to watch: Cereal & Milk Freeze-Dry Bars. 

Tropical Breakfast Bars

Rice with coconut milk and pineapple. Add some maraschino cherries in some. Also, extra coconut flakes in some. I added a little sugar to taste.

Cinnamon Apple, Rice, & Oat Milk


  • 2 medium size apples
  • 4-6 Tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 2 cups day old rice
  • 2 cups of oat milk


Peel and decor apples. I used an apple slicer and then chopped them up a little bit more. Add your apples to a pan and cover with water. I added about 4 Tablespoons of sugar and cinnamon to the pan. Cover and let cook on low for 4-5 minutes, until the apples are tender. I added the rice to the pan and mixed well. I tasted and felt I wanted more sugar and cinnamon to the pan. I wanted this creamy flavor, so I added the 2-cup oat milk. One at a time, mix after each cup of milk. I was happy with the thickness and look and it tasted so good.

I placed it in forms to freeze dry.

Using existing ingredients. Making this with freeze-dried items. Soak the apples until softened. Add to the pan and follow the directions to add water and sugar and cinnamon. If you have left over rice just use the rice from the night before, but if you have instant or FD rice then add water and let sit until tender. Do this before you start cooking the dish. Reconstitute the FD milk.


Peaches would be wonderful in this recipe (In above photo: bars on the right)


Enjoy some of the other pictures from my breakfast bars... 

Happy prepping,

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