What if a Person or Dog Eats an Oxygen Absorber?

What if a Person or Dog Eats an Oxygen Absorber?

Posted by Ola Griffin on Apr 19th 2024

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911

What if a Person Eats An Oxygen Absorber?

On a Monday, I received a message via the CHAT feature on PackFreshUSA’s website concerning a toddler who had swallowed an oxygen absorber packet.

To summarize, I informed the customer that the FDA has listed oxygen absorbers as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Oxygen Absorbers contain iron oxide powder and a small amount should cause no harm. Regardless, I provided her with the Poison Control Center phone number: 1-800-222-1222. I also advise her to contact the child’s pediatrician.

As a mother with four children of my own, my heart immediately went out to the customer, as also having experienced similar frightening incidents. My oldest child, now celebrating his 32nd birthday, once choked on a penny and a dime when he was around 2 years old. I vividly remember finding him with lips turning blue, prompting an urgent call to 911. Thankfully, with the use of back thrusts, we were able to dislodge the coins, and he coughed them up. Similarly, my youngest, around 3 years old at the time, swallowed a 3-inch zipper during a choking incident. Rushing him to the pediatrician, we underwent X-rays to ensure the zipper wasn’t lodged. Thankfully, it passed without complications, flushed down the toilet the following day. It's a reminder that toddlers have a knack for getting into peculiar situations. Fortunately, both of my boys have grown into healthy tall adults.

The customer mentioned that the child seemed fine and had no signs of pain or discomfort. Regardless, I gave her my cell number in case they needed to reach out to me after business hours, letting her know to reach out if there were any issues. It has been almost 2 weeks since that customer messaged but I have not heard back from her.

What if Your Dog Eats an Oxygen Absorber?

If your pet is showing signs of discomfort please contact your vet asap!

Over the years, I have received many calls about dogs getting into jerky or dog treats packages containing oxygen absorbers. One incident involved a dog parent who had wrapped up treats and placed them under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the eager hound wasted no time in discovering his gift, tearing through the packaging, and devouring the treats along with the oxygen absorber.

Upon returning home to find the torn wrapping and remnants of the package, the dog mom understandably panicked. Frantically searching for the missing oxygen absorber, she realized her pup must have consumed it along with the treats. In her distress, she reached out to me for guidance, even though it was well past office hours.

Despite the late hour, I was grateful to receive her call. I asked her some details about the dog's size and the size of the oxygen absorber. Most jerky and dog treat packages use oxygen absorbers that range from 50cc to 100cc in smaller packages and 300cc to 500cc in larger packages.

She recalled that it was a smaller size oxygen absorber as she regularly purchases these treats. I reassured her that the small absorber would likely pass without harm. Explaining the safety of oxygen absorbers — listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA — I advised her to contact her vet in the morning for further guidance, possibly including an x-ray to ensure safe passage through the digestive system.

While I never received a follow-up call, I remain confident that her dog had likely emerged unscathed from the ordeal. This incident serves as a reminder to exercise caution, especially during the holiday season, and to keep a close eye on our furry companions, whose keen senses can lead them to unexpected mischief.

In my role as a customer service representative for PackFreshUSA for the past seven years, I have encountered only a handful of similar calls. However, as a pet parent myself to a Golden Retriever named Apollo and two cats, Licorice and Bella, my heart misses a beat every time I get one of these types of calls

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  It's important to mention that although Oxygen Absorbers are non-toxic, they are not intended for ingestion. I recommend being cautious in storing them and using products containing them, ensuring they're kept out of reach of both small children and pets.

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