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Other Grains For Your Food Storage

Posted by Ola Griffin on Apr 3rd 2023

Many people think that storing just rice and beans is sufficient enough. When I hear this, I often ask, “Have you ever lived off rice and beans alone? If so, try it for a week and let me know … read more

Prepping For Your Pets - Dehydrating and Freeze Drying Pet Food

Posted by Ola Griffin on Mar 8th 2023

I am a pet mom, just as much as I am a mom of 4 kids, well 4 grown kids. My 95 lb. Golden Retriever, named Apollo, he owns my heart. I have lots of food and treats prepped for him because he is fam … read more

Wheat - The Bread of Life

Posted by Ola Griffin on Feb 8th 2023

Wheat is the grain that is often overlooked by newer preppers. However, wheat is the foundation of so many foods, from cereals, breads, cakes and so many other delicious foods. Making ho … read more

Rice - A Grain Above The Rest

Posted by Ola Griffin on Jan 20th 2023

We’re 3 weeks into 2023 so it’s a great time to get started on those New Year’s Resolutions, including: LONG-TERM FOOD STORAGE We’re here to help you succeed. Showing you tips, tricks, … read more

Ola's Spanish Rice (Recipe)

Posted by Ola Griffin on Jan 20th 2023

Here is one of my favorite recipes for rice, Spanish Rice. This recipe was taught to me by for former mother-in-law, Francis. I have tweaked her original recipe, but this is my most requested … read more

Keeping Warm in Freezing Weather

Posted by Ola Griffin on Jan 6th 2023

There are lots of reasons to be prepared. What if you lose power for a day or days in freezing cold weather? Would you know the best way to stay warm? In February 2021 Texas had a big … read more