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Building a "Get Home" Bag - CAR EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS / GRAB-N-GO BAGS Checklist

Posted by Ola Griffin on Dec 21st 2022

When thinking about emergency situations, nothing like a natural disaster makes you think and plan. I am reminded about the Paradise California Fire where people literally had minutes to sec … read more

​Are ALL Mylar bags safe?

Posted by Ola Griffin on Dec 7th 2022

Not all Mylar bags are created equal. It is important to know that your food is stored safely for the long-term, but it is just as important to know that it is stored in quality food-safe Mylar … read more

The Importance of Food Storage

Posted by Ola Griffin on Dec 2nd 2022

It can often feel overwhelming when you first get started creating a food storage supply for your family. Customers often tell me that they bought food and never did anything with it; then they … read more

Holiday Gift Ideas with Stand-Up Pouches

Posted by Ola Griffin on Nov 16th 2022

With the holidays around the corner, I am always brainstorming simple gift ideas for work, neighbors, families, friends or the kid's teacher or their classmates. I love doing easy and ine … read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Amazon's Ban on Mylar Bags

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Jul 23rd 2022

We have been receiving an increase number of concern regarding Amazon's upcoming Mylar bags policy Due to regulatory requirements, all Mylar bags that are not clear or single-colored … read more

Using Oxygen Absorbers For Jerky & Snacks

Posted by PackFreshUSA on Apr 10th 2019

This article is from Meat + Poultry, "Packet Protection for Meat Snacks"  by Keith Loria Although they might not command attention, the little packets inside jerky packages are vital … read more